Tips On Choosing A Laser Pointer

There are literally hundreds of different varieties of laser pointers available to buy online today, leaving many faced with the question: “what laser pointer should I choose?” Here we’ll look at a few key important factors to consider before making … Continue reading

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Burning Lasers
Great selection of lasers to light matches, pop balloons, pinpoint constellations, and so much more.
"BX" 1,200mW - 2,000mW 445nm Blue Laser
Price as low as: $239.95
"BX3" 1000mW - 1500mW Blue Laser Pointer
Price as low as: $189.95
"GX" Green Laser System 500mW - 750mW
Price as low as: $379.95
"GX5" Green Laser System 200mW - 500mW
Price as low as: $197.95
"G1" 5mW Green Laser Pointer at 532nm
Price as low as: $29.95
"VR2" 200mW Red Laser Pointer System
Price as low as: $109.95
"VR1" Red Laser Pointer 50mW - 200mW
Price as low as: $39.95