Laser Pointer Color Differences – Brightest? Burning?

With so many different laser pointer options available today, knowing the science behind the brightest colors and highest output powers may not be so straight forward. It’s important to know what makes one laser beam color brighter than another at the same mW power and also what makes for a true burning laser.

1. Color Differences

Where To Buy Laser Pointers Online

Where To Buy Laser Pointers Online

As a general rule, green lasers are 532nm are 5-7X brighter than any other laser color, at the same power. Whether blue, red, purple/violet, or a light color like yellow, green is the best at strength for visibility. For example, a 100mW green laser will literally be 5-7x brighter than a red or purple laser pointer of 100mW. So if you’re going for visibility, be sure to first and foremost consider green. If you’re going for visibility and burning, consider blue.

2. Burning Ability

As green is the brightest it does not necessarily mean its the best for burning ability. It is the mW (milliwatt) specifically and NOT the color which determines the burning and heat rating of any particular laser pointer. So, blue lasers at 445nm and typically over 1,000mW these days are the best suited for burning ability. Offering a high heat index as well as a great visibility to go with it.

3. Where To Buy

Not all lasers are created equal and neither are the companies offering and manufacturing them. There are very few USA based options when it comes to finding a laser. Many are produced under less than perfect conditions and offer no sort of warranty or support for users. This is something to keep in mind and aim to avoid. With just a few minutes you can find a reputable laser source right here, one with real help options if you need them.

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What To Look For In A Burning Laser Pointer

Laser pointers have been vastly improved in terms of their technology and availability over the years. Now, there are quite a few different burning laser options to choose from where in the past there were only a few. Here are a few things to look for before you buy.

1. Duty Cycle

Buy Burning Laser Pointers

Buy Burning Laser Pointers

A duty cycle means how long you can turn a laser on at any one time. For example, if the duty cycle is 60 seconds, do not exceed the laser being on for 60 seconds straight as it can damage the unit. Only CW (continuous wave) lasers can stay on for longer.

2. Warranty Period

Because high power lasers produce a good amount of heat, be sure to get a good look at the warranty period that protects your purchase. Many of the cheaper laser companies do not offer any sort of warranty and may not even provide simple things like e-mail or phone support. Be sure to look out for this.

3. Focus Adjustment Ability

Another important thing to keep in mind is a powerful lasers ability to focus the beam. For fixed focus you have no beam control, but with a laser that can focus, you have the ability to widen or thin the beam out. Be sure the beam is at its thinnest and most focused setting whenever trying to do burning experiments.

Be sure to ask questions and do your research into any laser company you’re considering buying from. Not all of them are created equal and majority have no kind of support and are not located in the United States.

For the finest place to buy burning laser pointers, look no further than USA located with nearly 15 years of expertise in the field. Have questions? Give us a call Mon-Fri 9-5 EST. 877-256-6513

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3 Tips On Choosing A High Power Laser Pointer

Today, there are literally loads of different high power hand held laser options to choose from. With not only different features to consider but also in all of the major laser colors we’ve grown accustomed to over the years. If you are looking for a powerful burning laser, here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy.

1. Output Power Versus Color

Best High Power Laser Pointers

Best High Power Laser Pointers

You may not be aware that green laser light at a frequency of 532nm is by far the brightest color to the human eye. It is literally 5-7X brighter than all of the other colors. This is a reason that plant life is green as the green absorbs the best light and also why green light seems to visible even at lower powers. Here a 100mW green laser can be seen for over 5 miles on a clear line of sight at night. Other colors are bright as well, but green is the highest level of visibility.

2. Safety Features Like IR Filters

Many people are unaware that the cheapest laser pointers on the market do not have IR (infrared) filters. This means that they are inherently more dangerous as the emit the invisible IR light which can be harmful with prolonged exposure. Be sure that every laser you are considering, be it high power or lower power, contains IR filters to ensure you’re getting the safest beam possible.

3. Burning Ability 100mW+

Burning laser pointers have grown in popularity over the years and today are for more accessible as the costs have come down while the technology gets better. For a burning laser, any color will do, but you’ll want to make sure that it is at least 100mW in strength and the more the better. This is why blue lasers with their average of over 1000mW make for the best burning lasers around.

No matter what sort of laser your looking for, its important to do some research and ask questions if you have them. Is the company based in the United States? Do they have actual support and a phone number where you can speak with a real human being? All things to consider before you buy a laser online.

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Understanding Different Laser Pointer Design Features

With so many different laser pointer varieties and options to choose from today, knowing which model suits you best will depend on a number of different factors. Here we’ll look at some of the basic design features and what they mean for each user and each laser unit individually.

1. Keyswitch

"Groove" 200mW Keyswitch Green Laser Pointer

“Groove” 200mW Keyswitch Green Laser Pointer

This is pretty straight forward as certain lasers (be them high, medium, or low power) incorporate safety features like a keyswitch which will not allow the laser to be engaged without the proper key usage. This is a great safety feature for anyone with small children around as they cannot simply pick up the laser and start shining it.

2. Focus Adjustable

This is a very popular feature for both high power burning lasers as well as lower power units. Having the ability to focus or widen a beam can allow you to pinpoint targets at distance more effectively, whether for search and rescue, construction, star gazing, military applications and more, many users prefer the focus adjustment options as it offers you more control over the lasers output and brightness.

3. Rechargeable Batteries

Classic pen style laser pointers almost always uses AA or AAA batteries, and though there is nothing wrong with that at all, higher power lasers can have a tendency to use a fair bit of energy. For this reason, most stronger lasers these days utilize rechargeable lithium ion batteries to keep lasers going and no need to buy or replace batteries. It’s still a good idea to have a few extra rechargeable batteries around so that you can be using a set while your other set is charging and never have any down time when you need a beam of laser light.

This was a brief look at the most common and functional laser designs out there today. Be sure to do your own research and make your own determination of the style of laser, color, output power, and design features that suit you best. Keep in mind that Green Laser Pointers are always the brightest at the same power, meaning a 100mW green laser is 7X brighter than a 100mW of any other color. If you have questions and need help in choosing don’t hesitate to ask a laser expert right here at

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Laser Pointer Color and Output Power Differences

Understanding the differences between various laser pointer varieties, in terms of beam color and output power, may not always seem so straight forward. With colors ranging from 532nm green, 450nm blue, 405nm purple, and 650nm red; and powers from 5mW to 1,000mW (1W); determining which laser will suit you best can seem a bit tricky.

Here we’ll look at some of the key important factors to keep in mind before you buy.

1. Color Differences

Best Laser Pointers Online

Best Laser Pointers Online

The wavelength of light produced by any laser is what determines the visible color we see with the naked eye. But what color is best? Which color is brightest? As a rule it is important to note that 532nm green lasers are 7X to 10X brighter than any other beam color at the same output power. This means that a 200mW green laser will be roughly 7 times brighter than a 200mW of any other color.

2. Output Powers

The differences in power will determine how bright any particular laser may be, while of course, keeping the beam color in mind. For a laser with the capability of lighting a match or popping a balloon you’ll need minimum of 200mW in any color, and the higher the power the greater the ability to burn and the longer range a laser will be able to produce. 200mW green lasers can be seen for more than 10 miles on a straight line of site.

3. What Is The Best Laser For You?

This will depend on a number of different factors including what applications you have in mind for your laser. All colors and powers are great for astronomy or star gazing and many other uses, so when you’ve determined what color and power you’re looking for you’ll next want to consider design features. Things like keyswitch safety features, adjustable focus, lens caps, and other accessories should be considered to ensure you’ve chosen the laser most suitable for you.

With even just a few minutes of browsing and researching you can quite easily determine which laser pointer variety will be the right fit for you. Still have questions or need help in choosing a model? Don’t hesitate to ask questions should you need help and always look for warranty periods of no less than 12 months for any model you’re considering. For the Best Laser Pointer selection online, look no further than right here at 1-877-614-5304

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Choosing The Best Laser Pointer For An Application

Lasers and laser pointers are used widely for a number of different applications across a wide range of professional and personal fields. From varying output powers, beam colors, safety & design features to accessories and longevity, there can be quite a lot of information to sift through before buying any particular laser. Here we’ll look at some of the basic laser applications and aspects to keep in mind before making a purchase.

1. Beam Visibility

Best Laser Pointers Online

Best Laser Pointers Online

This is the most common and typically the most important aspect to prospective laser buyers. Comparing different laser colors and output powers is important as each one will have different visibility factors. A 200mW green laser will be about as bright and have the same visible distance as a 1,200mW blue laser, but will have about 1/6th the burning ability of the 1,200mW blue beam.

2. Safety Features

Depending on what you plan on using your laser for, different safety features may or may not be required or desired. For example, if you have small children around or simply don’t want anyone using your laser without permission, a keyswitch safety feature is a great option to consider.

3. Burning Ability

Despite what many people believe, the color of the laser beam will have no effect on the burning ability possibility. It is the mW (Milliwatts) of output power that determines entirely the burning ability of any laser. As a rule 200mW should be the minimum power looked for (in any laser color) in a burning laser pointer, and of course, the higher the power the greater the burning potential.

With even just a few minutes of researching online, or asking questions directly to a laser companies support team, you can determine the most suitable laser pointer for any application you may have in mind. For the widest selection of the Best Laser Pointers Online, look no further than the #1 Trusted Laser Source Since 2005, right here at 1-877-256-6513

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Tips On Choosing A Laser Pointer

There are literally hundreds of different varieties of laser pointers available to buy online today, leaving many faced with the question: “what laser pointer should I choose?”

Here we’ll look at a few key important factors to consider before making any purchase.

1. Laser Beam Color

Buy A Laser Online

Buy A Laser Online

Lasers are available in both visible light and invisible (infrared or ultraviolet) light, but for most users an invisible laser beam will defeat the purpose of the laser entirely. As a rule, it is important to note that green lasers at 532nm will always be 7x – 10x brighter than any other laser color at the same power level. Meaning that a 200mW green laser is 7x brighter than a 200mW of any other color.

2. Output Power

Laser powers are measured in milliwatts (mW) and are available from 5mW all the way up to 1,000mW (1W) in hand held form. What power should you go with? It depends what applications you’ll be using your laser for. If you’re looking for a burning laser that can light matches and pop balloons, you’ll need minimum 200mW of power (in any color), and the higher the output power the greater the burning ability of any laser.

3. Design Styles

After you’re sure what color and output power you’re looking for, you’ll then need to browse lasers that fit your specific design preferences and features. Some lasers incorporate key switch safety technology, constant on/off switch, air cooling, laser lenses, focus adjustable lenses, and even water proofing. Each model is different so be sure to carefully look over specifications to find the laser that will meet all of your expectations.

If you’re looking to Buy A Laser Pointer, take the proper time and do a little bit of research. With even the most minimal of searching you can find a model and design that suits your needs. If you have questions about a particular model, don’t hesitate to contact the company directly. After all, if you can’t get any help or support, you should probably shop elsewhere. 1-877-614-5304

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Understanding Laser Pointer Technology Over The Years

In the past when thinking about lasers or laser pointers typically people would think of poorly made cheap key chain lasers. These would not only break or simply fall apart, but were only available in a red beam output color. Today, that is far from the case.

1. Advances

Buy A Laser Online

Buy A Laser Online

What began as cheaply made keychain lasers has evolved with advances in technology and diode development to the wide range of high quality and advanced laser pointer designs that we see today. Variations of colors, powers, safety features, and more have created a huge selection for both laser fans, professionals, universities, military personnel, and others in need of a solid state laser beam.

2. Understanding Output Powers

Lasers are measured in Milliwatts (mW), or if more powerful, in Watts (W). Powers can range from as low as 5mW all the way up to 2W depending on the model and beam color. So what output power will suit you best? That depends on what you’re planning on using the laser for. If you’re looking for a burning laser no less than 200mW is suggested as a general guideline.

3. Choosing The Right Laser

This will also depend on what sort of applications you’ll be using the laser for. At the same output power 532nm green lasers are roughly 7X brighter than any other color. But when considering burning ability it is entirely the mW power that determines how well a laser will burn, not the color. The higher the mW power the greater the burning ability no matter what color or model you’re considering.

So, what laser will suit you best or make the best gift? Have questions? Need help choosing a laser? Don’t hesitate to ask or call, after all if you cannot get help when you need it, you should seriously consider to buy a laser online elsewhere. 1-877-256-6513

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